• Are you lacking structure around training?

  • Are you doing the same old routine in the gym and not seeing any progress?

  • Are you caught in an endless cycle of dieting and feeling hopeless as a result?

  • Do you feel anxious and out of control around certain foods?

  • Are you tying all your self-worth to the scale?


Weekly check-ins and goal-setting using whatever method is most convenient to you to get you where you want to be. We will look at addressing your barriers to progress in terms of mindset, creating new habits that support your goals.

Tailored nutritional support where I aim to build your knowledge and skills around food, so you can fuel yourself properly and train at your best, and also feel more empowered and in control of your choices. I am to get you to a place where you are, more importantly, free from having to rely on meal plans or the latest fad diet to get results —which, as we all know, are not sustainable long-term, and teach us very little about nutrition.

A kickass training programme that considers your individual needs and preferences, and reflects your goals. This also includes a printable PDF workout log to track your training and progress.

Video form checks where we can look at technique together. The aim of this is to help develop your lifting skill in order that you can be confident in the knowledge that you are performing lifts correctly and safely. 

Access to my extensive exercise library with over 200 videos for you to refer to, as well as comprehensive mobility tutorials.





“Lucy has an incredible ability to put me at ease and really be myself. Her non-judgmental attitude and approach has helped me understand my negative emotional eating habits, which were hampering my progress in the gym and life. My 1-2-1 Skype sessions with Lucy, which take place weekly, allow us to discuss positives and negatives from the previous week, and set goals for our coming week. I take training videos in the gym and upload these to Lucy, where we can discuss my form, which has been very useful and helped improve my technique. Lucy is also on hand on WhatsApp whenever I might hit problems, have questions or just need a boost. Having Lucy in my corner, I'm steadily progressing every week.”

- Phil Gardiner


"I started 1-2-1 online coaching with Lucy in July in a bid to improve my overall health and gain more consistency with training. Lucy’s balanced, flexible approach appealed to me as someone with a history of FAD diets and calorie counting in (unsuccessful) attempts to make changes. I have since gone from a diet consisting mainly of ready meals and take-always, to prepping meals in advance and eating in a way to fuel my body and workouts. What I particularly like about working with Lucy, is the focus on all aspects of health and well-being, including sleep, managing stress levels, and fitting the gym into my lifestyle. Video feedback has given me much more confidence in my abilities in the gym and I have been making improvements in all areas of weight training."

- Michelle Torrance

"Lucy is hugely knowledgeable and experienced, and I love working with her. Her approach is very thorough, diligent and professional, both from the perspective of supporting you in your training, but also ensuring your mindset and nutrition serve your goals. Lucy has taught me a lot about listening to and working with my body. The whole set up from weekly Skype calls, to check-in forms and WhatsApp contact, has helped me to also actually check in with myself about how I am doing, and given me a lot of points for reflection. For me, training with her has been a great investment, and I feel completely confident that with any client it would be the same."

- Nic Coward