JOURNEY TO JACKED (10 week programme)

With each workout containing around 8 exercises per session, the programme is designed to give you structure, and help you build strength, lean mass and athleticism.

3 programmes are included, allowing you train either 3, 4, or 5 days per week to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Alongside this, you will also receive a Training Pack, covering any questions you may have from rest periods, to using correct load, to regressions and progressions for certain exercises.

All workouts include a printable PDF workout log to track your training and progress.

Note: contains full body and upper/lower workouts, not full body part split. Not suitable for complete beginners. Although, mostly free-weight based, it has been designed for gym use as includes some machine-based exercises.

Aside to this programme, I am also currently offering FREE access to my membership site for a limited time, with over 200 training videos for you to refer to, as well as comprehensive mobility tutorials, for those who would like additional support and resources to use alongside the programme (option to subscribe is available on the home page).

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Free access for a limited time to over 200 training videos, along with comprehensive mobility tutorials (subscribe via home page).




“I bought the Jacked programme as I’d hit a wall with my training. I also needed someone to give me a little motivation and a kick. I'm now on week two of the 3 day a week plan & I can feel every single workout. I've not had DOMS like this for a while. There is also some exercises that are new for me and challenging me. I'm excited to see what is going to happen over the next 10 weeks. I would highly recommend this to people that need a little help with strength training. Well worth the money and is very easy to follow.” - Paula


“I started Journey to Jacked because I am coming out of a 'cutting phase' of sorts and wanted a structured, reasonably tough programme to focus on as I increase my calories to make sure I'm not slacking. I was also aware deep down that I was avoiding certain compounds sometimes for lame excuses! I'm sticking to my training, learning new lifts and hitting every body part. Full body sessions are also easier on my knees so I'm getting more out of it than blasting legs for 60 mins! It’s exceeded my expectations massively. I'm sceptical of PDFs you buy online but this has been fantastic and with the 3 frequency options it's insane value. I would absolutely recommend it to others, hands down!” - Sam


“This plan has really upped my motivation and encouraged me to push myself even further in the gym. Most plans are designed for complete beginners so it’s very easy to get bored or complacent but not with this one! I love how you can choose how many days per week to train, this makes it so easy to fit the plan into my lifestyle. So far I’ve found it to be challenging but also immensely enjoyable. The video guides are phenomenal quality - probably the best I’ve ever seen! Thanks Lucy!” - Julie