Training is a huge part of my life. I have been lifting weights for over 15 years and it was a desire to share this passion that inspired me to start my own coaching business 6 years ago. Strength training in particular has been something that massively supported my recovery from disordered eating and body image issues as a teenager, which is something I have been very open about sharing on my social media platforms, in the hope of helping other women feel more confident in their own physical capabilities and their bodies. 

In terms of my own training, I take a very intuitive approach, and I’m well practiced at adapting it to suit how I feel on any given day. I love high-volume workouts, and supersetting the hell out of everything. I also prioritise the big compound lifts, but sometimes I just like to play around on the monkey bars or try new variations of an exercise that I might have seen. #becausefunfirst

My body is constantly surprising me.

When it comes to coaching clients, I think it’s important to meet people where they’re at and take an approach that is appropriate for that individual-—one size definitely does not fit all. I believe that training and nutrition should enhance our lives, not take away from it. In terms of nutrition, I believe that good nutrition is just about looking after ourselves, and that fuelling ourselves properly for training and life is the ultimate form of self-care.

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Ultimately, I think people pursue change because they want to feel better about themselves and more empowered in their lives and fitness is a great vehicle for change. For me, this whole ‘health and fitness’ thing is just about us learning to own our choices. It’s not about being perfect or making the best or ‘healthiest’ choice all the time, but owning the choice nonetheless, and knowing that we can always make a different choice; that we have multiple times a day to make choices that serve us. And that’s just really good to know. And yes, sometimes cake is a choice that serves us.

Strength, health and fitness, on our terms.