I love to lift! I work as a coach, both in person, and online. I have changed career path a few times, from graphic design, to community worker, to secondary school teacher (art and design) but I've had a passion for training my whole adult life. I'm also a massive foodie, and I love to travel. Did I mention I like to lift weights?!


 But I didn’t always view 'exercise' this way. Suffering from anorexia as a teenager, and then from compulsive exercise and disordered eating habits for years after, I would view exercise as a means to “burn off” what I’d eaten, doing hours of cardio, terrified of gaining weight.


My journey over the last few years has been centred around re-connecting with my body and working to improve my mindset; re-building the relationship I have with myself, re-framing my body image and self-worth, and working intuitively with my body. 


If anything now I think almost the opposite to “burning it off” at the gym. I train to BUILD myself in some way whether that’s through building muscle or strength, or simply building on my skills and what I can do. It has become a means to GROW myself inside and out, and has been the catalyst in making my life bigger, and improving my relationship with myself.



A big part of my journey has been about learning to show up as I want to, regardless of what other people think; and not just with regards to training and my body, all aspects of myself. There's so much power in just saying F*CK IT, I'M DOING WHAT I WANT.


Personally, for me, this life malarky, is just about doing the shit you want to do regardless of what people might think, and the important thing: that you like your reasons for it, because that’s all that matters.

I spent so much of my life trying to be less; physically smaller, lighter, in a constant state of apology, passive, pleasing, accommodating, not too opinionated, but lifting offered me the chance to show up in a different way, to be my own person, to choose a different path; one where I feel empowered, strong and confident in my body and in my life.