Out of all the problems we have when it comes to staying consistent with training and nutrition, being out of routine is right up there.

This week has been a bit all over the place for me, training disrupted for various reasons; sleep hasn’t been great, which has affected my energy levels, I’m feeling PMS-y (yes that’s a word), and I arrived in Belfast yesterday for a couple of days to visit friends, so I’m also out of routine. 

It’s something that used to cause me a lot of stress, but it’s no longer such a big deal. Why? Because I’m not trying to be perfect, and the key to consistency is not ‘the plan’, it’s being able to ADAPT the plan.

Become a boss at adaptability:

Work on a Plan B. Squash any judgemental thoughts you may have about how things ‘should’ be in your ideal version of the week, and work with the reality of your situation. 

Recognise the things you are still in control of, because FUCK IT never ends well.

Work with your own set of guidelines that help make you feel good, in control and that you are doing a great job of looking after yourself. 

- Some of my mine:

- Drink all the water. 

- Get some veg and protein in with each meal (at breakie, I prefer fruit).

- Keep active. I get outside, go for a walk even if it’s just for a short time.

- Train if I can (and want to) with what I have available.

- Stretch. #lies

- Lastly, give myself some grace and I remind myself I’m doing the best I can. ❤️

We run into problems when we attach all of our success or too much importance to one thing, like ‘I need to train x amount of times’ or even worse ‘I need to lose x amount of weight’, because failing to meet that one thing then means that we’ve ‘failed’ the week. So do yourself a favour and give yourself more things to win at, because there is a big picture, and winning feels great and keeps us moving forward.

Just because life happens doesn’t mean that everything has to go to shit or anything is ruined. It’s all a question of perspective; I have nailed this week so far, despite my lack of ‘smashing it’ in the gym. What have you nailed this week?