I’ve been lifting weights for over 10 years now, hell, it’s probably more like 15, but one thing I know, is that my body has changed significantly, in shape, and size, in weight over that time. Bodies change; they grow, they adapt, they stretch, they house babies, they fluctuate in hormones and composition. But you know what doesn’t change with it? Those f*cking shorts you keep pulling out every summer that fitted you back in 1996. Our bodies are constantly changing, so why do we expect to fit into the same shit year after year? This is insane. 

Some things to bear in mind if you’re having a clothing anxiety attack:

1) Sizes don’t mean shit. Clothing sizes are standardised, but if you lift, there is nothing ‘standard’ about your body. Like literally I can be a size 6-12 depending on what shop I go into, and with a small waist, big bum and thighs, wide back and small chest, I’m always completely different sizes from top to bottom. I generally pick up 2-3 different sizes, and whatever size feels/looks the best, wins; I refused to be defined by a number.

2) Understand that just because it doesn’t look the same on you compared to the model or in the magazine photo, doesn’t mean YOU DON’T STILL LOOK FUCKING FABULOUS. She has her body, you have yours, it’s not going to look the same, so we can all stop the comparing. 

3) If it doesn’t fit, get rid - you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Oh but “when I lose the weight I’ll be able to fit into it again” - well actually maybe not, because don’t have that body anymore, especially if you lift. I wouldn’t get into anything that I wore 10 years ago without chopping off body parts. Stop looking to the past, you deserve it to feel good NOW. 

4) Stop believing clothes should last you a lifetime. I have a few constants in my wardrobe, but when it comes to swimsuits, bikinis and random summer stuff, it’s like, let’s have some fun, and I might see you next year, but then maybees not. 😎

5) Buy stretchy shit. The end. 😬

(Or just cut the legs off your jeans that don’t fit your quads anymore and make them into shorts). 😘


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