She is a woman who loves to lift, who rocks bruised shins and calloused hands, but one who still likes to get her nails done, bleach her hair and digs a bit of fake tan.

A woman who isn’t really into wearing much make-up, leaves her eyebrows to do their own thing, and can rarely be bothered to wash her hair more than once a week (dry shampoo all the way ✌️) but one who has also experimented with botox and fillers.

A woman who has had numerous piercings and tattoos, and then had most of them removed, but one who still doesn’t rule out getting another one.

A woman who after years of suffering through heels and thongs, now only entertains flats and comfy pants (or no pants #TeamNoPants ✌️).

Because she is a woman who is not interested in fitting into a box. She understands that her preferences and opinions have been shaped by her experiences in this world and influenced by others, but that she is free to explore them without attaching judgement; that choosing one thing over another does not make her a better or worse woman.

As such, she gives herself permission to evolve as she pleases, understanding that she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone, and that all of these things can change at any time, because she can change her mind.

Our power: living our lives on our own terms, and doing what we want to do regardless of what other people think, because the only reasons we have to like are our own, and because, if no one has noticed already, we are the ones who have to live our lives.

More power to us. ✌️#BlessedBeBitches