So I’ve taken a full week off training this week, and it’s been FABULOUS. It was actually an easy call to make. My body was feeling tired and beat up from training (I haven’t been able to train as intuitively doing 5/3/1), to the point where I thought: Why would I continue to push through here? What benefit am I going to get from that? 

Instead, I used the time to focus on other things; yoga, sleep, being outdoors, spending more time with my favourite people and reconnecting with myself- which might have included quite a lot of binge watching Scandal #addicted 🙈😳

To be honest, everything about this week has been just what I’ve needed. It was even nicer NOT to spend it, unlike years ago, obsessing over food, and consumed by feelings of guilt, worry, fear and judgement, thinking thoughts of ‘fluffy’, ‘soft’ and ‘lost gains’, after endless moments of standing in front of the mirror scrutinising my body, and the ‘effects’ of not training.

Because, my friends, we can just choose not to do that to ourselves or entertain these conversations.

Because muscles do not just fall the hell off your body.

And because taking care of ourselves has fuck all to do with how ‘defined’ or jacked we look, or how visible our abs are.

As one of my faves @shinetime_j wrote in her latest blog:

“Needing a break isn’t weak. Taking some time to take care of yourself isn’t lazy and selfish.” - it’s fucking respecting the shit out of ourselves, is what it is 😉🙌 

And I hope if any of you are also taking some much-needed time off, or deciding to take things a bit easier this week, you’re feeling damn good about it too 😘


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