Full-on funks like I experienced yesterday now drive me to take action to help myself. My anxiety was born of overwhelm yesterday, as it often is, and so today I planned for a special day of what I like to call ‘slow the fuck down and self-care the shit out of yourself’, which included having a glorious long-lie, spending all morning by myself drinking all the coffee and reading, lifting this afternoon, followed by more time by myself. 

I used to be ashamed to admit this, that I need so much alone time, because I used to think people would like I was weird, but I am weird, something I happen to love about myself now, and the truth is we all require different things to recharge, and we all get to honour ourselves in ways that feel good to us. Time by myself is something I need to recoup, to recover, to come home to myself— and there she is, there’s my Lucy. I see you girl ❤️😊 #datintrovertlife

What’s in your self-care tool box?