So I was put under general anaesthetic for first time in my life today, something I was actually so so nervous about, but it was actually totally fine—being surrounded by awesome staff definitely helped. ☺️💛

But a few folk have been asking on my Insta Story what I was in for and as ever, I don’t mind being open and honest about it, health is much bigger than just training and nutrition after all! I had a cystoscopy of my bladder (essentially a camera up my pee hole 🤣). I’ve suffered from recurring cystitis/bladder irritation most of my adult life, something I’ve just learned to manage, and another reason I drink a fuck tonne of water! It seems to be the way where gynaecological or urinary problems are concerned, that we just don’t talk about it, but these are issues that affect all of us, so here’s to bigger conversations!

Im not going to lie, I am literally having to talk myself through peeing at the moment as it it feels like I’m peeing razor blades, but I am also in awe of my body picking itself right back up again, and I am so damn grateful for my health right now—something we should never ever take for granted. 

And the worst thing about today was not getting put under, which was actually pretty sweet (minus the canula in my hand 😷), but the fact I had to fast beforehand—Lucy and fasting do not go well together 😳🙈 Hangry AF ...and on that note I’m off for some food, I hear a Five Guys or a Wagas calling my name  😋😋😋 

#suckstobefemalesometimes #peeproblems