So I just took a whole week off social media—man, that was hard! I’m almost ashamed to admit, but I haven’t had a week off since I started my business 6 years ago🙈 I know many times that I needed to take a break, times where I felt overly connected and I just ignored it. But not this time.

When you’ve got an online business it’s hard. We’re told by ‘gurus’ that we need to show up consistently, post x amount of times a day in order to be ‘successful’, and if you don’t play by the rules, you can feel like you’re not measuring up, failing somehow, which of course is bullshit but the pressure is real nonetheless. 

But I think regardless of whether you have a business or not, we are all caught in this web of connection and feeling like we should be sharing our every move and experience. Let’s be honest though, social media is here to stay, and my aim here is not to claim that it is the root of all evil, it can be a fabulous tool. I have built my business on it for one, and made some wonderful connections with some of my favourite people, but rather that we can run into trouble when we have no boundaries around it or we’re sharing from a place of trying to keep the hell up with everyone else. 

It’s easy to find ourselves thinking that if we don’t share we’re somehow going to be forgotten about or that we’re ceasing to have an impact. But our self-worth is not to tied to how much ‘content’ we produce, our impact and contribution in this world is not limited to the internet, and our value as humans on this earth certainly does not diminish if we don’t ‘show up’ because it was never tied to that in the first place—and sometimes we need to step away to remember that. 

And so I’m back— but with stronger boundaries around work, and being on my phone. My take-home this week:  Don’t play by anyone else’s rules. Show up in a way that feels authentic and good for you. Take breaks when you need them. Share if you want to, don’t if you don’t want to —you’re still awesome, you’re still worthy AF, and your life is still meaningful regardless of whether you decide to share it with the world 😘

And while self-care isn’t all spa days & bubble baths, sometimes it totally is 😝✌️

Anyone else schedule time off social media or taken some time off recently?