Gateway to Gains (9 Week Programme)

Gateway to Gains (9 Week Programme)


Gateway to Gains is a 9 week undulated programme where intensity and volume have been manipulated using 3 week mesocycles/waves. This is a good way of managing fatigue, but also provides a framework to hit all rep ranges and therefore stimulate the mechanisms of hypertrophy: mechanical tension through heavier ranges, metabolic stress and cellular swelling through more endurance ranges/going to failure, and creates muscle damage via all of the above. Plus, it includes a variety of exercises and a range of training stimulus which has been shown to contribute towards hypertrophy.


3 programmes are included: a full-body 3 and 4 day programme, and an upper/lower split 4 day programme—however there are additional workouts for those who would want to train more days or perhaps do additional volume on specific body parts that you would like to bring up or develop.

Alongside this, you will also receive an extensive information pack to help support your training, covering any questions you may have from rest periods, to using correct load, to regressions and progressions for certain exercises.

All programmes are formatted as PDF weekly workout logs, allowing you to print and track your training and progress.

Note: contains full body and upper/lower workouts, not full body part split. Not suitable for complete beginners. Although it includes a lot of free-weight based exercises, the programme has been designed for gym use and includes machine-based exercises.

Aside to this programme, I am also currently offering FREE access to my membership site for a limited time, with over 200 training videos for you to refer to, as well as comprehensive mobility tutorials, for those who would like additional support and resources to use alongside the programme (option to subscribe is available on the home page).

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